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Apple launch ios 14 today

Apple Launch iOS 14 Today. How it is Useful?

Next generation operating system Apple launch iOS 14 Today with renovated Home Screen and more is available now.

Apple Launch iOS 14 Today.

In Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2020 Apple has announced iOS 14. iOS 14 carries a new look to the things you do most often, delivering them more comfortable than ever. New features support you get what you need in the bit. And the apps you use all the time match even more intelligent, more personal, and more private.
Apple launch ios 14 today
Image from Apple

Apple in June 2020 launched the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, Apple launch iOS 14 Today. iOS 14 is one of Apple’s most important iOS updates to date, introducing Home screen layout changes, major new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, and many additional tweaks that streamline the iOS interface.

Initial and foremost, iOS 14 makes a redesigned Home Screen that adds support for widgets for the first time. Widgets can be pull from the Today view right onto the Home Screen, and can be pinned in different sizes.

With a Smart Stack feature, the iPhone can use on-device intelligence to surface the right widget based on time, location, and activity. Each Home Screen page can display widgets customized for work, travel, sports, and added. The Today section where widgets are housed has also been redesigned, and there’s a widgets gallery where users can pick new widgets from apps and customize those widgets.


The Today Center, available when swiping from left to right on the iPhone’s display, has a complete new look with completely redesigned widgets.

Widgets contribute more data than ever to provide more functionality, and Apple redesigned its widgets for default apps like Calendar, Stocks, and Weather. There are more new widgets for Screen Time and Apple News.

iOS 14 Widget
Image from Apple

All of your widget opportunities can be viewed in the Widget Gallery by long pressing on the display, choosing “Edit Home Screen” and then tapping the “+” button. The Widget Gallery’s widget recommendations are based on what users are installing the most, and third-party app developers can create new widget experiences for their apps.

Any widget can be pulled out of the Today appearance and right onto the Home Screen, where it can be placed right alongside app icons. You can have various widgets on the different Home Screen pages, organized in the most useful way for your needs.

Widgets in the Today view and on the Home Screen come in small, medium, and large sizes, each with various information density. A tiny version of the Apple News widget shows just one story, for example, but the larger version shows three.

You can stack up to 10 widgets on top of one another to entirely utilize space, both in the Today view and the Home Screen. If you stack up a batch of widgets, you can swap between them with a swipe.

App Library

App Library is a magnificent new feature that shows all of the apps you have installed in an orderly, simple-to-navigate view that’s similar to the app list view on the Apple Watch.

Swipe all the way from the right to the left to get past your Home Screen pages to the App Library view, where all app you have installed is automatically classified into folder categories like Utilities, Productivity, Education, Creativity, Reference and Reading, Social, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, and Games. There’s even a dedicated folder for Apple Arcade.

App Library
Image from Apple

Each folder displays the three apps in the category that you use most frequently, and you can launch one of these with a tap. A fourth folder point is taken up by mini app icons, and if you tap on that area, you can see a view with the whole list of apps in the category.

So, for example, if you have multiple games, you’ll see the three you play most beside a multi-app icon you can tap to open up the folder with every game you have installed available. Swipe gestures let you look by the apps and the category folders.

Compact Phone Calls​

In new iOS 14 incoming phone calls will not occupy entire screen, and instead of this it shows small banner at the top of display. If you swipe up the banner to dismiss it, or if swipe down to see more phone options and answer the call. On banner if you click on right of the banner’s to accept and reject button to accept or decline a call.

Compact Phone Calls
Image from Apple

Standard phone call interface on locked screen, but when it’s unlocked, phone calls are much less irritating than previous. Personally it was very annoying that while incoming call user were unable to do anything. The same applies for FaceTime calls and third party called such as google duo and whatsapp calls.

Compact Siri Design​

In iOS 14 Siri is redesigned. Like previously you can activating Siri through home button or through voice command. Unlike older Siri interface to pop up and take over the entire display with graphical sound wave design.

Compact Siri
Image from Apple

Rather, when Siri is activate there is small animated siri logo at the bottom of the display. Many of the answers that Siri gives are also show in banners at the top of iPhone Display, So Siri no longer take entire screen.
New Siri is so smarter and handle complex requests that might have previously directed you to web now you get direct answers. Siri on new iOS 14 is able to send audio message while CarPlay and using iPhone also share Apple Maps ETA with your contact.


iMessage on iOS 14 has multiple useful features available like a group chat. Here they have new tools for customizing group conversations with photos, Memoji, and Animoji and other functionality.

Pinned Message
Image from Apple
Mention Contact
Image from Apple
Inline Conversation
Image from Apple

Meaningful conversations can now be pinned to the top of the Messages app by a swipe to the right, which holds them available. You can pin 9 conversations.
There is small circle icon at the top of the app with the contact person photo, recent messages, typing indicators are display on the photo which shows that those are pinned chats. There is icon if you unread message for person or group chats.
With inline feature which introduced in iOS 14, you can reply directly to a specific message in conversation which is most useful especially group conversations.


In iOS 13 iPhone added translation capabilities to the Siri to translate phrases and words into multiple languages. In addition to that iOS 14 that function has become more into a standalone Translate App.
This app has a support of various languages like Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Translate App
Image from Apple

You can select language to translate at the top of the app, this app support both voice and text entry. It also pronounce the word or phrase and also have dictionary feature if you want to know meaning of the translate word. 

Home Kit

Home Suggestion

iOS 14 introduced new feature called Suggested Automations, It suggest you useful automation that you might have to create. New visual status bar at the top of Home app provides an at-a-glance summary of accessories that you need to pay attention.

Suggested Automation
Image from Apple

Home Status

A new visual in Home App helps you to prioritizes the accessories that most need your recognition and helps you to easily control them from single screen. At the top of screen it shows you currently using accessories so if you won’t need them you can turn it off.
Home Status
Image from Apple
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