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No Need to Delete WhatsApp Chat New Update 2020.

People who delete the chats which they had with their friends, family or other peoples. From now no need to delete WhatsApp chat. 5th November 2020 WhatsApp has announced its new feature called Disappearing Messages

Some of us like to keep our old memories, old chats but some people don’t keep it this feature is basically meant to them. They thought that what they send doesn’t need to be everlasting and delete WhatsApp chat. But still, WhatsApp will not self-destruct message in an instance like Snapchat and Telegram. WhatsApp will keep that chat for 7 days of the period.

This is feature is turned off by default. If any user wants to enable it they can by using the following steps.

  • Open Chat windows whose message you want to delete.
  • Then, click on that person name.
  • Now, you will be able to view the feature above encryption feature.
  • Click on that feature that it will ask you to turn on or off that feature.

Once, you turned on this feature you’re messages will automatically be deleted after 7 days. 

This feature is not only for personal chats but also available for Groups also. As we all know some groups are too annoying and people are constantly flooding messages, images and videos. Some groups are important so you can choose which groups conversation will be deleted and which not.

Disappearing Messages to Delete WhatsApp Chat

Delete WhatsApp Chat
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