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Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again

Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again

Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again
Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again

Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again. Yes, finally WordPress has push Astra Theme again on repository of WordPress.

Three days ago, WordPress suspend the popular Astra theme for violating its policy on affiliate links. The impact is far reaching after Astra recently celebrate the one million user mark.

By the rumers, WordPress has suspend the Astra for being in violation of its affiliate link policy. The suspension are going to be in situation for five weeks and can affect over a million users.

Despite the wide-ranging impact, information on the suspension has been somewhat low-key. The suspense was announce by the TRT Messenger (Theme Review Team Bot) on the WordPress support forum.


Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again

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Astra Theme back on WordPress

Users trying to seek out the theme from the official WordPress repository will either find “no results” or a topic that’s not the favour Astra theme as shown within the screenshot below., Astral, Astra

Why they suspend Astra Theme

The issue centers around affiliate link being injected into the theme. Brainstorm Force, the theme’s publishers. They have deny that they add affiliate link to the theme directly. However, they did concede that they add a referral code to 3rd party plugins, adding: 
 “We’re unsure if using the referral filter is against the need. But if it’s, we’re happy to get rid of it immediately and submit the remake .”
Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again. Below is that the message that was post on the support forum by the TRT. WordPress bot when announcing the suspension of the Astra theme.

What to do after suspension

That, however, seems unlikely to happen since there has been sample warning given about the affiliate policy.

The theme update will need to be downloaded directly from Astra. you can get it from their GitHub repository until the suspension is lifted.

If you’re tech-savvy and running an uncomplicate site, you’ll simply change your theme. you’ll also just wait it out. If you wish the Astra theme. You would like to stay with it.

However, if you’re less technically incline. It might be an honest idea to disable automatic WordPress updates before the anticipate release of 5.5. to form sure it’s disable. contact your hosting provider and check.

Astra may be a free responsive WordPress theme useful for creating multiple sorts of websites. Created with much care and a spotlight to the simplicity and wonder, this theme offers a sleek and user-friendly design. 

you’ll create a good range of business websites, blog also as portfolio websites using this theme. The theme also offers variety of able to import theme demos created by the professional designers within the house. 

you’ll instantly create an internet site of your own using the theme demos. Download the theme today and begin your new site.

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Get Free Astra Theme on WordPress Again

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