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Hack Debian based OS Password

Hello guys, So everyone wants to hack systems or if you forgot your password. In this post, I’m sharing information about how to reset any Debian based OS like Kali Linux.

Steps to Crack Kali Linux password:

1) Restart the Linux system.

2) Start your Debian machine and Press any key to interrupt the boot process. Press “e” to edit the kernel command line parameters.

Hack Debian based OS Password
GRUB Mode for Linux OS.

3) Use the “down arrow” key for scrolling down. Go to the line that starts with the term “Linux” and use “forward” arrow or press “End” button to go to the end of the line, and then append “init=/bin/bash“ like shown in below figure.

Change the Kernel Command.
Change the Kernel Command.

4) After you have added the entry, press “Ctrl + x or F10” to boot Debian 9.

    Debian will now boot into single-user mode, with the root filesystem mounted in “read-only mode“.  So, use below command to mount the root file system in “read-write mode“.
Root Mode Change the Password.
Root Mode Change the Password. 

5) Finally, change the root user password using the “passwd” command.

6) Reboot your system and use the new password we set now for the root user on your system.

That’s All.
Watch the following video for a better understanding.

This video and post is educational purpose only. Try this method in an ethical way to learn this trick. 

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