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What is VirusTotal?

What is VirusTotal? 

Basically a website which analyzes suspicious files and URLs. After detect the type of malware, automatically share them with the security community.

This post is for those peoples who use Laptop and Desktop. But don’t have an Anti-Virus in Laptop or Desktop. Additionally, you can use VirusTotal for mobile phones. You can use VirusTotal for scan Files, URLs and Searches.

This website tool is very helpful if you’re using Deep and Dark Web.

Some points about VirusTotal

  • You can scan the files in which some hacker inject their payload or malicious script. VirusTotal scan and let you know that the file is safe and secure or not.
  • Website phishing is another popular technique. Most of the hacker use this to obtain information about end-user by tracking the IP address. Tracking their current location and many other things. For instance, people usually get a spam text message. These messages are about offering some free data or another gift and to collect. For that gift, you should open attached website. That time you should use to scan that URL first and check. If, that URL is safe or not.
  •  Search field can let you check URL information, Domain and also check the file hashes.

What is Virustotal
Home Page of VirusTotal

How it Works?

VirusTotal scans objects by over 70 antivirus scanners. URL/domain blacklisting and restricts services. Additionally to multiple tools to derive signals of the prepare content. Any user can choose data from their own computer, laptop and mobile phone. Scan using their browser and sent it to VirusTotal.

As with files, URLs are often submitting via several different ways. That means including the VirusTotal webpage, browser extensions and therefore the API.

Upon submitting a file or URL. The basic results are share with the submitter, and also between the examining partners. Who use results to enhance their own systems. In a result, by submitting data, URLs, domains, etc. you’re contributing to boost the worldwide IT security level.

This core analysis is additionally the idea for several other features. Including, the VirusTotal Community. A network that permits users to discuss files, URLs and share notes with one another. 

It is often serviceable in detecting malicious content. It can also be recognising false positives, normal and harmless objects. They can detect the object as malicious by one or more scanners.

For a practical demonstration, you can watch the following videos.

This video gives an idea of how to scan URLs. what is virustotal what is virustotal what is virustotal what is virustotal


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